We received a package from Mom today. It is ALWAYS a special treat to receive a package and we excitedly strolled to the post office. (We would have received this a few days ago if I had understood the woman who called here. I thought she was calling the post office. What she was actually saying was that this WAS the post office calling. I told her that she had the wrong number. Understanding the grammatical endings to words opens up a whole new level of communication. Oh, brother.)

Anyway this is a picture of my family taken at a Christmas gathering at my grandparents’ house in Glendale, Ohio. We would go there for Christmas dinner each year.

That’s my grandmother seated in the middle of the picture.

People tend to comment from time to time that our family is fun-loving. Maybe a little nuts. Certainly fun to be around. We surely don’t take ourselves too seriously.

The apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

Note that the three sisters are wearing their matching dresses, probably Christmas gifts. And the guys are all wearing ties. We don’t see this too much these days…

(Janet: Did you cut your own bangs just prior to the holidays that year?! Just had to ask, heh)

(Click on the picture to see an enlarged version.)



  1. not one person who read this commented asking who the nun was? Is it usually on the east coast to just have a nun at family gatherings…just in case? You know, being from the west coast I just don’t know about these traditions. 🙂

  2. Cara: hahaha. That Episcopal nun is my great-aunt. Sister Olivia. She is the sister of my grandfather. The other elderly woman is their other sister. Sister Olivia was a nut! I should do a post just on her someday. (Wish my brother Doug were around to fill in some of the details…he was the master story-teller…)

  3. Cara: Oh, and FYI, Jim has 4 Catholic priests on his side of the family. One of them assisted in our Episcopal wedding ceremony…

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