Crash in Nepal

Yesterday we were captivated by the Tour de France. This day was the most dramatic uphill climb of any stage thus far. I’ve been surprised at how many crashes have taken place already this year. I was able to skype chat with Anna in Nepal, and she sent me some photos of the damage in her own bicycle accident. She says that the colors are more dramatic in person, but you can still get the idea. Plus you’ll recognize what a nut she is!

This was the first shot. And it cracked me up, actually.

Followed quickly by this one.

Anna is the only person I know who could be so excited by such a bruise. One year she had such an intense bruise (from a soccer incident) on her leg that after several days we actually took her to a physician. She left his office on crutches. And when she faced ACL surgery (from a different injury) and was told that the scar would be minimal…well her reaction was WHY?

Patiently waiting for the televised coverage of the Tour in Nepal. She has limited access to actually watching the Tour, but, like us, she can keep up with live comments via the internet. (Hence the reason why she was sitting in front of her computer!)

For one other peek, check my photo blog!



  1. Man, you make me out to be a psycho pain hungry maniac!

  2. Anna: Your point? Is that a denial?

  3. Nah, it’s pretty accurate. Sometimes it might be better to not have such a high pain tolerance.

  4. Anna: No, it’s a good thing. Trust me.

  5. riverblues says:

    Funny! Yes, two of Anna’s characteristics: Obsession with the Tour de France and relishing the colors black&blue:-)
    Anna, Rachel has been faithfully adding to the “Anna to the States” jar! She is very excited!
    Today, Marianna, I will be throwing away the wireless router that is in one of my boat bags that I’ve toted around for two weeks while shopping for a new one(Guess I thought I might need to show some Computer Geek what I had been using)?

  6. Urgh. The first tour in 10 years I havn’t been able to watch or at least keep up to date with. Man, I wish it was being taped. I would watch it! Oh, the things we have to give up for being with the one we love! I’d rather be with him. Maybe one July we can be in France, w00t! Anna, still on for South Africa?! Or should we plan a TdF trip?

  7. Will have to wait and see how the money situation is after my trip to the States next summer…

  8. Jeanne and Anna: I’m guessing you should each just get cable internet and skype each other while watching from your homes. Less expensive at this point in your lives! (I’d love to do some of the TDF as well…such beautiful country…but not sure when or how they could fit into a summer schedule…)

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