Declutter…Day 070

The question is: How great would YOU feel if you removed one unused item from your home each day for a whole year? The declutter challenge.
Toss, Donate, or Sell one item from your home every single day for one year.
No rules.
No advice.

Day 070

Time magazine. March 2008. Pretty current over here, but still old news. Maybe someone coming this way might bring Time or Newsweek or World from a summer week? The Economist?

Anyway, old news is in the trash.

What did you dump today?


  1. Marianna! I can’t believe I found you when I was Googling for Cara! Decluttering? Can I take myself out of my house and send myself to Ukraine? I’m still green that some of you get to stay there but I was pulled out 😡 Hard to believe that it’s been 3 years now that Peter and I have been back in Canada. My constant comfort is the reminder that for now, where I am is the best for not only me, but everyone in my life, according to Rom. 8:28-29. May God bless you as you continue to listen for His voice and touch everyone you meet with His God-light 🙂 hugs, Kim

  2. Kim K: Ah…a recovering ukrainiac! So good to hear from you. If you really consider yourself clutter, well, then, I guess you could remove yourself from there and put yourself here! (No rules in this decluttering deal…) Hard to believe that it’s been THREE years since you lived here. I am quite certain that God is using you two right where you are! Oh, and thanks for leaving a comment. Did you find Cara?

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