Need some storage space?

Our guest room is becoming more like a storeroom lately. This afternoon, Jim’s former assistant came to pick up her belongings that she had left in the office when she took a job to be closer to her sick granny. The office officially closed last week, and so her things came here. Eleven plastic shopping bags, one box, and an oversized overstuffed suitcase. We were actually thankful that she retrieved them today, because only a few hours later we replaced them with…well, boxes and boxes. And bags. And a guitar. And a drum. Jeanne and Kolya’s things. They have no place to call home right now, so as of Tuesday they will be living in an upstairs room of a house that Kolya is working on. They didn’t want to have to move all of these things there for one month…and then somewhere else for a few weeks…and then, well, who knows where?! So the bulk of their stuff is here.

Actually MORE is coming tomorrow. Jamie is driving me down to their place so that we can load up his car with whatever else they need to send our way.

We have houseguests coming soon, so we’ll have to come up with a plan to better store these items, but there’s no sense in putting them away until we see ALL that we have to deal with.

So, as I work to get RID of our unnecessary stuff, stuff is still accumulating: to gather or pile up; amass; to mount up; increase. Yeppers, that’s the right verb okay. We are accumulating like crazy!

(Thank you, Lord, that we even have enough space to have such a challenge! And thank you that people would entrust us with their STUFF!)


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