Le Tour de France

Well, it’s that time of year again. Not too many of the (in)famous names, but it could be a really great tour. No clear frontrunner. It’s wide open!

Big George is riding for the Columbia (sportswear) team. Not sure where our young Ukrainian is riding. Or even if he is riding at all.

And, wow, an all Williams Wimbledon finals?!


  1. Woo-hoo! Unfortunately there isn’t any channels that show it so far… maybe once Wimbledon is finished. Mens singles today followed by womens doubles.

  2. razom112 says:

    I can’t wait!!!! I really really really hope that Kolya’s TV will pick it up!!! Otherwise… maybe moving to Kyiv with you guys for a month and leave my husband down south?!?! Nah, I’ll stay with him 🙂 and pray someone is taping it stateside and eventually I’ll be able to watch it!

  3. Anna: I wish we had been able to watch some Wimbledon — zero coverage here. We got the French Open. But, whoa baby, first day of the tour was quite a day! With your unlimited internet (amazing! We DON’T have that), would you be able to stream it on from eurosport? (I am now officially using language that I have no idea what it actually means, but, to me, it means just watching live on your computer.)

    razom112: haha. Knowing that you won’t leave him for a bike tour — even Le Tour de France — I’ll join you in praying that someone might be taping it!

  4. Are you talking about Popovych? If so, he’s joined forces with the Aussies, Evans and McEwen on team Silence – Lotto or SIL.

    Ah, NO coverage on tv! I’m going crazy.

  5. Anna: You’re right. Did you watch any of the men’s Wimbledon finals? FIVE sets. We had nothing televised, but I was able to keep up with the action through eurosport online. (NOT streaming video…) I was rootin’ for Roger, though.

  6. What an amazing match! It’s being hailed as the all-time greatest final so far and I’d have to agree with that. Although, the rain-delay couldn’t have come at a better time for Roger. I think he may have lost in straight sets if he didn’t have the hour and twenty minutes to regain his composure. Personally, I think Nadel deserved the win… still crazy that he’s only 22 (a babe!) and Roger is only 26 or something. Many more championships between the two I think.

  7. Anna: Amazing. Glad you were able to see at least some of it!

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