It’s the Fourth!

The Fourth of July is just another day here in Ukraine. That’s one of the reasons that I felt so compelled to be in the States, on Cape Cod, to be exact, last summer. I really miss the American spirit, the patriotism, and the celebration of our freedom. (We do enjoy celebrating Ukraine’s freedom in August of each year as well!)

I love a good old-fashioned parade. And last summer we went to my most favorite one. This is the parade in which I marched many a summer as a representative of a girls’ sailing camp — 20 campers and a random 3 or 4 counselors. Why I was part of this parade so many times I don’t know, but they do provide some really fun memories.

I love not only the marchers, but I love to watch the crowd. Dressed in red, white, and blue. All ages. A true family event.

Also, in this typical small New England town, ALL of the shops along the main route were decked out for the holiday. Window shopping was just part of the day.

Flags and hydrangeas. Can you get any more “Cape Cod?” These were proudly displayed on the front porch of the home where we have so often sat to enjoy this parade.

Mom and our hostess. This woman used to own the children’s clothing store in Chatham. The one where we bought our school clothes. (Remember school clothes?? Back in the day!) It was always a big deal to go to her shop, pick out our clothes, and then model them for my grandparents that evening. Always to the sound of “Here She Comes, Miss America!” being sung by my grandparents!
And don’t you love Mom’s Fourth of July sweater??

One of the very best parts of being on the Cape for this holiday is that family and friends gather together. Not a wedding. Not a funeral. But a celebration of freedom! Mom, my sister Janet, daughter Jeanne and me.

Enjoying the sites with the love of my life is always a great thing! Mom, Jim and me.

Dear friends Gary and Karen joined us on the Cape last year. We miss you!

And my sister and her husband David. They have the privilege of living in Chatham year round!

We’re off to a mini-gathering to celebrate the 4th among some American friends…Have a great day!



  1. We really miss you too! Thank you for our ecard – it was priceless!

    Sadly, it’s much like any other day here too – we were both up at the crack of dawn working. Today we celebrate the freedom of being self-employed (HA!)

    Fortunately, we’ll have a chance to visit with some friends later as we bravely battle OC traffic – not to watch fireworks, just for dinner at Fager’s – and to hear the Overture of 1812 as it’s timed to crescendo at exactly the moment the sun dips below the bay. (ALMOST feels like I’m on the banks of the Charles…)

    Today we are sorely missing you, Jim, Janet, David, your mom…and Doug.

    Much love, girlfriend!

  2. Happy Fourth! It sounds like you have a fun day planned. We are off to the movies today and lunch afterward. Maybe some fireworks tonight. Our little town had fireworks last Friday evening. Maybe we can find some more.

  3. Karen: Amen to it all. By the way, we’ll have to do Fager’s next time we’re in Maryland, deal?

    Ann: Back from our adventures. Pictures to show…probably tomorrow. Spent the afternoon in a beautiful botanical garden near some friends’ flat…and then dinner at the flat. Fun to reminisce about how each of our families celebrated the 4th when in America.

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