National Ice Cream Month

You know, there are just some things that I fear I would not be aware of if it weren’t for blogging friends. Like, for example, did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Well, I, for one, was totally unaware until Miss Paula at Gathering of Friends enlightened me.

Now I have a problem. I am having a huge hankering for Graeter’s. Mocha chip. Or even a simple dish of coffee ice cream. Or vanilla with the bean.

So, I’ll do my part here and find some local ice cream (which is quite delicious, by the way) if some of you dear friends might promise to have a dish of coffee ice cream. Or Graeter’s — your choice of flavor — for me sometime this month.



  1. Oh man, don’t get me started on ice cream. I never realized how much I can talk about food until Jared point it out to me. My favorites are Turkey Hill chocolate peanut butter, choco mint chip, and chocolate malt chip. I also like starbucks coffee carmel and Ben and Jerry’s carmel ice cream. Yum. You’ve made me hungry now. heh.

  2. OOOOH I have started something!!! All of us gals will have to DIET in August!!! LOL

    Thanks again for visiting with me I love getting comments from other parts of the world! Blessings to you, Miss P

  3. Oh how I LOVE Graeter’s! My favorite is Cookies ‘n Cream, and Strawberry Fields sundae. Yum!

  4. Graeter’s ships their ice cream, you know – but I don’t think they go to Ukraine – but they do ship to Alabama. So if you remind me, when you’re here in March, I will order some just for you.

  5. Faith: hahaha. It’s good to be excited about things that we have to do on a regular basis — like eat! Mmmm, maybe we can “do” ice cream next visit!

    Miss Paula: I visit a lot more than I comment…but who could resist talking about ice cream?!

    Ann: Haven’t tried the Strawberry Fields sundae…sounds good, though!

    Lynne: Only if you’ll have some, too! Did we ever get you to Graeter’s??

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