Helpful clothing

I read this post over at Pyromaniacs today — I’m a little bit behind in reading. In my opinion, it is right on the money.

It is a constant battle to walk the streets of Kyiv and not be bombarded with all kinds of views that just shouldn’t be seen. And I’m not talking about billboards and magazines. These are live and in-person encounters. I do realize that many of these women are actually advertising. But not all of them. Not even the majority of them.

But as Pyromaniacs points out, often times we see these same inappropriate outfits on Christian women who SHOULD know better! And worn to church! And what is this attire doing to the eyes and minds of the viewers? As the writer states, he’d just like to have a break from all these sights when he walks into church…

Please read this article. And think about your clothes.



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  2. Liat: Thanks for the link to your site.

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