Flat Stanley, revisited

Earlier this month I shared with you about our young friend Jeremiah who sent us his friend…Flat Stanley. (If you are having trouble remembering the story, click here!)

So, Jeremiah, here are the rest of his adventures!

Though he was a little shy at first,

he did manage to warm up and have his picture taken with part of the committee that is planning a women’s retreat in Kyiv, Ukraine in late October. Much work goes into these conferences (every other year), but we are happy to work hard to make it a great event for over 100 women!

Right after that meeting, we had to hurry back to my flat for my Ukrainian language lesson. My private tutor’s name is Tatjana and she is SOOO patient with me. I usually brew a fresh pot of coffee and try to have some sort of a snack. Flat Stanley wondered why I hadn’t poured him his own mug of steaming coffee! He seems to have a natural talent for foreign languages.

The next day, I FINALLY was able to get my haircut. We are very fortunate that we have a very sweet gal who actually comes to our homes to cut our hair. I ventured over to a friend’s house, had my haircut, and then snapped a picture of HER with Flat Stanley. He wasn’t too wild about hair all over the place! But for YOU, he agreed.

On Saturday, Dr. Peipon and I walked down to our favorite vendor at the local fresh market. I tried to explain to Ira in Ukrainian just exactly why Flat Stanley was with us…and she offered to pose for this shot!

Then, she decided that he needed to try some of the fresh cherries and placed him among her fruit.

On Sunday, Dr. Peipon and I treated Jamie and Dasha to a special Mexican dinner in celebration of their college graduations. Flat Stanley really enjoyed Mexican food…and happily posed with our two newest graduates.

This past weekend, Dr. Peipon and I went to a wonderful medical clinic in southwestern Ukraine. While there, Dr. Peipon attended a board meeting for the clinic, and I was asked to translate for a young visiting American student who is thinking that she might want to be a pediatrician one day. Fortunately I didn’t have to be a super translator because Dr. Nellya knows a little bit of English. Between her English and my Ukrainian, Flat Stanley learned a lot about medical care in Ukraine.

We had to take an overnight train home. Four people share a coupe, and Sergiy just didn’t want to wake up! Flat Stanley climbed into his upper bunk, making Sergiy’s sister giggle with delight, and we snapped this picture.

Before too long, Sergiy actually did wake up and joined Flat Stanley for a cup of hot tea.

We’re back home, and I think it is finally time to send Flat Stanley to Nepal. Anna, would you email me your new mailing address?

Thanks, Jeremiah, for sending Flat Stanley to us!



  1. riverblues says:

    Toilet Paper Girl and Angel Girl are envious of Flat Stanley’s travels:-)

    Sometimes de-cluttering can take days!! The next to go are ooooold computer games(Jumpstart Kindergarten)? I started hoeing out while spending HOURS on the phone with Comcast(trying to get my cable up and running). So I started pitching stuff to the floor. Then I needed a son to pronounce judgment on games like Age of Empires and Shogun Total War(were they out of date? Could anyone still use them? Goodwill,fellow gamers, or trash).
    With regular life happening(laundry, cooking, blueberry picking), the games are still on the floor-We look so CLUTTERED while de-cluttering!

  2. Suzanne,who are toilet paper girl and angel girl?

  3. Jeremiah's Mom says:

    Hi Marianna,

    It is past Jeremiah’s bed time so he is sound asleep. I have gone ahead and printed the pages of your blog for him. He will be so excited to see them in the morning. Thank you for putting so much work into his little project. He is plotting the places that Stanley visits on a wall map as well as putting together a notebook of all his pictures and letters. He is having so much fun Stanley & his adventures. Thank you for helping Jeremiah get so excited about learning! 🙂

  4. Does Flat Stanley have a visa to be in Ukraine? Registered as a foreginer? Health Insurance. I heard the OVIR office is after him. Better get a photo of him with his documents…..

  5. Suzanne: Oftentimes decluttering looks pretty awful — temporarily. I need to go through some old CDs along those lines, too! Thanks for the tip…

    Toilet Paper Girl gets around herself…don’t remember meeting Angel Girl! Send her over!!

    jjpmd: I’ll tell you about Toilet Paper Girl. On Suzanne’s blog, actually. Pictures and EVERYTHING!

    Jeremiah’s Mom: OUR PLEASURE! Praying for you and yours…

    Michelle: No visa…one reason why he needs to get out of the country. I’d hate to think what the fine might be for over-extending his 3-month time limit. Try to head the OVIR office off. No health insurance — he’s with a pediatrician, for heaven’s sake! Not registered. Yikes, this is becoming a nightmare for poor Flat Stanley! (Shhhh, maybe no one will know he’s still here…)

  6. This has been a awesome read though!

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