Declutter…Day 056

The question is: How great would YOU feel if you removed one unused item from your home each day for a whole year? The declutter challenge.
Toss, Donate, or Sell one item from your home every single day for one year.
No rules.
No advice.

Day 056

Okay, guys, here’s a good one. A friend of ours bought a samovar several years ago — to be a special souvenir of her time in Ukraine. Well, at the airport she was told that she had to do some special paperwork to get it out of the country. Fortunately, we were waiting at the airport just in case this happened. We returned it to our flat and have stored it on a high shelf. Though Sara has returned to Ukraine for short visits she has never had time to acquire the proper documents to take this brass one-of-a-kind samovar back to the States.

She decided that a couple new to Ukraine living in a town not too far from Kyiv might enjoy it. And yesterday I received a call that they would be coming into the big city and would like to get together to prepay for a women’s retreat in the fall (price goes up July 1…very motivating to get the early bird special!) AND to retrieve the samovar. Mission accomplished.

As we were heading our separate ways, one of them said, “Does this count as declutter?!” Hmmm, you just never know who’s reading your blog!

What did you dump today?



  1. w00t!

  2. riccardellis says:

    Don’t you love when you can de-clutter the big stuff! We sold a mower on Craigslist. It was an electric mower. The man who bought it drove an hour to get it. It was not a lot of money and he needed it because he had rotator cuff surgery and couldn’t pull the cord on a regular mower. We told him about our trip and we were praying that our things could go and bless others. It was great to hear from him that when he looked online for a users manual he found it had a recall. He ended up receiving a brand new 2008 model of the same mower for free. He emailed me to say that it really was a blessing! Isn’t it great that my decluttering process can turn into a witnessing tool?

  3. Anna: Say, kiddo, how’s YOUR decluttering going this month? Feel free to leave a comment letting us all know what’s GONE!

    Riccardellis: Yes, I do love to declutter the BIG stuff. And I LOVE your story! Amazing. How can people actually believe that God is not in the details!

  4. Yeah!!!! I’m so glad it finally has a good home! Maybe someday I’ll be able to get a smaller, not so old version that I can take home. One can always dream of the clutter to add. :~P

  5. Sara: Are you saying that my home is not a good home? I thought you’d be happy to read this one!

  6. We are enjoying the samovar here in Bila Tserkva!

    Thank you!


  7. Of course, I’m not saying you’re home isn’t a good home! Your home is one of the best in Ukraine! ;~)

    Just maybe not for the samovar… (Edna, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!)

  8. Edna: Hey, no problem!

    Sarah: Just kidding. After all you ARE returning with your folks in the fall, right?

  9. As if I could allow them to visit Ukraine without me?

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