A full Sunday

Our church here was blessed with the arrival of a choir from America. The choir consisted of vocalists from six different states…and they had never sung TOGETHER until in New York right before boarding a plane to Ukraine. They had all received the music four months ago and were asked to learn it. It made the Holy Trinity Day even more special. (Our church is called Church of the Holy Trinity, so we especially love this holiday.)

Our teeny little church choir sang also, and I was very proud of the LARGE sound these few singers can create. What a talented group!

And the praise band led us all into worship in a most glorious manner. All of the songs that they chose were ones that were actually English songs first. So we made xerox copies of the words in English, so the American choir could sing along. It was a taste of what heaven will be like — singing the same song in different languages.

Following church, Jamie and Dasha joined us for a combination Father’s Day/graduates’ celebration dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. We sat out on a deck and enjoyed the beautiful blue sky…a huge change of pace from yesterday’s downpours.

We walked from dinner to a concert being performed by the visiting choir. Though they will be performing different songs at the different cities throughout Ukraine this week, we thoroughly enjoyed the choices for Kyiv. It is our distinct pleasure to be able to hear them again next week when a church in southern Ukraine is being dedicated. We will be in town there to attend a board meeting of a Christian clinic that has invited Jim to be part of the board. How could we NOT stay a few extra days to be at the dedication? This is the first church/clinic that we ever visited in Ukraine — the site of several short-term visits before we actually moved here.

Jamie and Dasha came back home with us and we brewed a fresh pot of coffee and simply relaxed all together. What a gift to have them live so close by!

What a fabulous Sunday! Thank you, Lord.



  1. Totally agreeeee!!!!!
    Thanks again!

  2. Dasha: Definitely our pleasure!

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