Flat Stanley

Yesterday we received a snail-mail letter from a young friend of ours in Salisbury, Maryland. It seems that Jeremiah has just read the book called Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. Jeremiah writes:

“…I liked the book. In the book a bulletin board fell on Stanley. It made him flat. This made him good to do things others couldn’t.

“I am doing a school project with my own Flat Stanley. I am sending you a Flat Stanley. Please keep him for a week. Take him places and take a picture with him. Please send me the picture so I can learn about where you live. You can send the picture or pictures to me through the regular mail or by e-mail. Please send me stories about the pictures.

“If you would like you can send me a postcard or something from your area of the world as well.

“When you are done with Flat Stanley please send him and my letter to someone else. I want to learn about a lot of places all around the world.

“Thank you,


Jeremiah, first of all, thanks for thinking of us! Flat Stanley arrived just in time to join the praise band as they practiced at our flat for the church service on Sunday. That’s your friend Jamie at the piano.

Flat Stanley also went with me to the hospital yesterday. I needed to meet a mom and her daughter who had arrived in Kyiv from out of town — they had no idea how to get around in the maze of our metro system. Flat Stanley was too shy to come out of my purse, though. I think he was nervous because he doesn’t speak Ukrainian! So unfortunately I didn’t get a picture.

I have planned a couple more adventures for him. And others want him to come visit their ministries as well. We’ll see!

Anyway, thanks for sending Flat Stanley our way!



  1. We had flat Stanley come to our little school a few years back and took him on the year end trip with us. It is such a fun thing to do. glad Jeremiah has undertaken it.


  1. […] Flat Stanley, revisited Published June 26, 2008 A lighter side , Anna , Book , Coffee , Conference , Dasha , Jamie , Jim , KCWF , Kyiv , Ukraine Earlier this month I shared with you about our young friend Jeremiah who sent us his friend…Flat Stanley. (If you are having trouble remembering the story, click here!) […]

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