Have I mentioned that Paul McCartney will be giving a free concert here in Kyiv on Saturday? Well, I know that I have but I have really tried not to be too crazy about the anticipation. But, goodness gracious, it’s THIS week. I have a feeling that he will look about as big as a postage stamp from wherever I will be, but that’s about what his size was when I saw the Beatles perform on their first tour of America — at Cincinnati Gardens. Could it really have been more than 40 years ago? I suddenly feel terribly old.

Well, anyway, his free concert will take place on Maidan Nezalezhnesty (Independence Square), home of the Orange Revolution.

Here’s a clip from a concert earlier this month:

(This song always reminds me of my brother who rewrote the words…”I’d rather dance with her mother, yeah….when I saw her standing there.” Or “I couldn’t dance with another, yeah…with her mother standing there.” Doug, I miss you.)


  1. It sounds like you might be just a bit excited Mar. I am sure you do miss your brother. Praying!

  2. Ann: I am so looking forward to this concert! Thanks for the prayers.

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