Declutter…Day 039

The question is: How great would YOU feel if you removed one unused item from your home each day for a whole year? The declutter challenge.
Toss, Donate, or Sell one item from your home every single day for one year.
No rules.
No advice.

Day 039
Why in the world did I still have a partially completed chart of the 2007 (not 2008, mind you) NCAA basketball championships? Not like we could even watch the games here.

And miscellaneous meeting notes that have since been typed up — or computered up, whatever!

What did you dump today?



  1. So you are throwing away items that are useless to you in Ukraine and I am doing the opposite. I had tons of those small ticket like things for the Marshutka and I couldn’t part with them. So I through some away and use a few for book marks. I think it just makes me feel close to a place I love to have those small tokens around. Sometimes Clutter is an emotional hang up for me! But God is Good and I am getting better!
    Keep up the great ‘declutter’ work!

  2. Deanna: Good use for the marshrutka tickets — they don’t qualify as clutter in my mind if they are being put to good use! Trust me, the NCAA printout from the computer…absolutely NO sentimental value.

  3. Both could be used as toilet paper in a pinch… never know when you’ll need it.

  4. Anna: Shall I save some for you? You do make me laugh.

  5. Great idea on old schedules! Went through my husband’s bible and found about 6 old church bulletins–don’t think we need to know about “upcoming” church functions from 2 months ago!

  6. SAHMmy Says: It’s truly amazing how quickly all that “stuff” adds up! Well done!

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