The Wave

I can’t even estimate how long it took for this to upload (or download…whatever!) to YouTube, but I’m just thankful that it did. We didn’t lose internet connection during the process…a very frustrating experience here from time to time.

So, without further ado, let me present to you the finale of Jamie’s final recital at the Conservatory:

Broke one of the orange-headed mallets during the first section, but played on and was glad to move on to the other sets of sticks!



  1. This is cool…thanks for sharing! It makes my arms tired just watching, but I think maybe I need to take this instrument up as it looks like an AWESOME stress reliever 🙂 Bravo Jamie!!!!!

  2. Melanie: Yeah, it boggles my mind…how in the world do you handle four sticks and have a CLUE where they’re going?! Hadn’t thought about the value of releasing stress this way! Good thought…

  3. The video is no longer available…

  4. Wow! Your son is very talented Marianna. YOu did an amazing job with your children. Way to go Mom.


  5. Anna: Try again, or go directly to YouTube and search for Jamie Peipon, Ukraine, percussion, marimba and it SHOULD take you to the video. Let me know. (I had to put it on my blog twice, for some reason. I, too, got the “no longer available” notice. But it looks as if Ann viewed it an hour after you tried and she was able to see it. Go figure.)

    Ann: God is good.

  6. What music are they playing?????? Who wrote it???? Sounds very slavic.

  7. Michelle: It’s actually a Japanese number entitled Wave (as in Tsunami). Jamie can tell you who actually wrote it…maybe he’ll read the comments and answer that.

  8. I think it is a Keiko Abe piece… Not sure though. Jamie was AMAZING!!!!! SO proud of him!

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