My boy

Tonight was Jamie’s final performance after 5 years studying at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music. He was the only percussionist to score a 5 (an A) and was invited to return to a post-grad position next year. We’ll see.

I know that I’ve already posted Jamie performing his own arrangement of Some Day My Prince Will Come, but this version has a few changes. And I held the camera horizontally so you don’t have to turn your computers on edge…

(I’ll post his other two songs, if possible, at a later date.)



  1. Applause, applause, smiles.

  2. Wayne: Thanks. So much fun to watch him.

  3. So I take it you were feeling well enough to stay through the whole performance? Including all the others? Well done! I hope you are feeling well today. Once again, Marianna, hats off for focusing on what really was important that evening (not that your health isn’t) but that God gave you the grace and strength to be able to celebrate this great evening with Jamie, Dasha, and Jim…congrats to Jamie, and blessings to your family! 🙂

  4. Mattmang says:

    Jamie is a beast of a man

  5. Cara: I praise God that I recovered in time to go. What a fun evening!

    Mattmang: Yep.

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