Conference — Day 3

This women’s conference is such an encouragement! Debbie reminded the ladies tonight that God is the loving pursuer of them. She taught from Hosea and the Word really spoke to these precious ones.

We’ve been particularly blessed by an excellent translator — Oksana. She is not part of our church and that has given the talented translators in our own church the opportunity to simply be a participant at a conference. Thanks so much, Oksana, for a job well done!

As Debbie continued reading Scripture and allowing God to reveal Himself, she could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. What a Comforter! A wonderful time of prayer followed the teaching, and we all left so encouraged. Once again, no one really wanted to go home. They seemed to want to bask in the warmth and love being given to each and every one.

Thanks so much to Linda for seeing the need, planning a fabulous conference, bringing Debbie over, preparing the dinners, and opening your fabulous flat. It was fun to see you get just a bit of relaxed time with the young girls.

Your hospitality is amazing. Your love and care for the sweet young ladies from Church of the Holy Trinity is evident. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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