Jim and I have been reading Edward Welch’s book Running Scared over the past couple of weeks. I am thankful that we had read one particular part while on the train from Budapest. It had to do with fearing what may happen. Wondering if we could possible handle this situation or that situation. Especially after marvelling at how others have dealt with a trial. Could we do that?

Welch encourages us to remember the manna. God gave exactly what was needed, in exactly the right proportions. We can’t imagine ourselves handling a specific situation because we’ve never been there. We haven’t had that particular need of an extra measure of grace. Of strength. Of courage. Jim and I discussed this whole concept for awhile and then prayed. Thanking God for His grace. For just the right amount of manna.

And then we got home and read the email that my brother had died.

And we prayed again. Asking for the grace that we would need to get through the next week.

And He most graciously supplied it. On an as-needed basis.

Thanks be to God.


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