Adoption updates

Leslie is on the overnight train back to see her boys. She will have much paperwork to contend with before actually returning to Kyiv — the biggest one being the preparations of their passports. She hopes to be back this way in a week and a half. Her husband is back in Alabama at work (5 weeks here was as long as he could be away from work), and a friend will be joining Leslie next week to help with the stay in Kyiv and the l-o-n-g flight home. You can be sure that the whole family is excited to be together as one unit under their own roof.

We heard a little earlier from the Halls, the couple here with their son Grant. I have challenged him to write another book while he is waiting. An unusual circumstance arose once they were already in the region of the orphanages, and they are asking for prayer before they go before a council tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. our time (7 hours ahead of EST), so before you go to bed tonight, Stateside readers, please pray for them. They are not expecting any problems, but it is another step that they had not expected. The Halls have been here for over 3 weeks already and the process is still in the preliminary stage.

We marvel at these couples and the way they are handling their unique challenges. (Another family, the Hoods, are also here, but we have not been in touch by phone with them since they met their FOUR new children!)

Follow these stories by clicking the links on my blogroll under “Ukraine adoption stories.” Into the Father’s arms has also updated her blog. Oh my goodness! You will be amazed!!



  1. Thank you for the update!

  2. ann: Thanks for the prayers!

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