Mr. Klitchko

Who would have ever thought that I would have a post about boxing?

But, then again, who would have ever thought that I would be living in Kyiv, Ukraine?

Well, Vladimir Klitchko (one of the “Klitchko boys,” as we lovingly call them) faced a Russian last night in Madison Square Garden. This bout was billed as a unification fight — pitting champions against other champions and attempting to create one real World Champion.

This fight gives Mr. Klitchko his third belt.

Just in case you like visuals, here’s a picture.

So, three cheers for Ukraine! Budma, Hey!



  1. *grin*

    Klitchko is probably the ONLY boxer(s) I know by name!

  2. Alright! And to think that I’ve seen him with my own two eyes… I feel pretty special. Haha.

    Good to hear, glad he is continuing his winning ways.

  3. TulipGirl: Yeah. Totally understand. Well, at least CURRENT boxers. I did know some of the older guys, back in the day. I just didn’t like to watch boxing except during the Olympics — I liked that rounds were 3 minutes, they wore protective head gear, and the ref called the match before someone got too beat up.

    Anna: You are special ANYWAY! Miss you.

  4. And to think that I got up at 4am not one but TWO days in a row 🙂 Actually a pretty boring fight… could have been a KO in his younger days BUT now I can say I’ve seen him fight live and not just a taped replay.

    I DID find it amussing that both guys trainers spoke in english so while Kolya had to settle for the vodka advertisments I read lips and listened to the english.

    4 lanuguages for Mr.Klitchko…. as a boxer… not too shabby! Maybe I should take up boxing, haha

  5. Jeanne: Imagine that…an educated boxer! Apparently didn’t spend ALL of his time in the gym! Glad you were able to watch him “live” with Kolya — maybe one day you’ll even see him box in person!

  6. Bogdan Mandziuk says:

    When does klitchko fight the Russian dude? I hope Klitchko beat up up in and knocks him out in the 3 round.

  7. That’s Dr. Klitchko not Mr.

  8. Paddy Patrick Duruh says:

    Two brothers,total support for one another,unlimited love from both, I love both of you.

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