YEARS ago, I bought a set of snowmen salt and pepper shakers. I also purchased a sugar bowl and pitcher to match. And I still, to this day, just love them!

As soon as Thanksgiving is over and until March begins, I joyfully use them. They always bring a smile to my face. Always.

Obviously, actually using them comes with the possibility of breakage — to quote someone I know. And my poor sugar bowl lid has had way more than its fair share of breakage. The first few breaks I painstakingly glued the pieces back together. I even used black permanent marker to color in the black hat. And you ALMOST couldn’t tell that there was a break.

But over the years, and multiple breaks, it is clear that my snowman will never be the same. He actually is missing several pieces and I can see right through the lid in one place. Jim has patiently glued and reglued this silly lid. I even silently considered that if there might be one more break, I’d finally give it up.

Well, it broke again a few weeks ago. I heard the crash, but didn’t know exactly what had broken until Jamie came sheepishly into the living room…holding the pieces. And, for whatever reason, I couldn’t just say, “Pitch it.” I looked at it, I looked at Jamie, and he knew that he needed to retrieve as many pieces as possible. And, once again, Jim glued together all the fragments that they could find.

Frankly, I think it looks pretty good. And it probably has a few more good years left of faithful service!



  1. oooooooh! You could just put him on pension and have him sit somewhere each winter to be admired and loved……..I’m rather fond of him myself……..

  2. Michelle: He just can’t imagine not working! He likes you, too… He’s wondering when you’re going to stop by for coffee or tea?

  3. awwww…. the cute snowmen…. how could anyone not love them! Many more years to the sugar head. Cheers!

  4. Well, I think the snow mama is pretty cute and those adorable children, Salt and Pepper. Those snowmen really get beat up fighting to protect their family!

  5. Dasha: I’m glad you love them, too!

    Jim: It’s a hard job being the proctector of the family — but you’ve done an awesome job over the years. Thanks. You make it look easy…

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