YEARS ago, I bought a set of snowmen salt and pepper shakers. I also purchased a sugar bowl and pitcher to match. And I still, to this day, just love them!

As soon as Thanksgiving is over and until March begins, I joyfully use them. They always bring a smile to my face. Always.

Obviously, actually using them comes with the possibility of breakage — to quote someone I know. And my poor sugar bowl lid has had way more than its fair share of breakage. The first few breaks I painstakingly glued the pieces back together. I even used black permanent marker to color in the black hat. And you ALMOST couldn’t tell that there was a break.

But over the years, and multiple breaks, it is clear that my snowman will never be the same. He actually is missing several pieces and I can see right through the lid in one place. Jim has patiently glued and reglued this silly lid. I even silently considered that if there might be one more break, I’d finally give it up.

Well, it broke again a few weeks ago. I heard the crash, but didn’t know exactly what had broken until Jamie came sheepishly into the living room…holding the pieces. And, for whatever reason, I couldn’t just say, “Pitch it.” I looked at it, I looked at Jamie, and he knew that he needed to retrieve as many pieces as possible. And, once again, Jim glued together all the fragments that they could find.

Frankly, I think it looks pretty good. And it probably has a few more good years left of faithful service!