Who would have guessed that when Jeanne and Kolya became engaged that they would be one of five couples interviewed for an article proclaiming “what a woman will do for love” in a leading women’s magazine (Edinstvennaya) here in Kyiv?

Daughter-in-law Dasha works at this magazine, and when she heard a writer lamenting the fact that one of her “featured couples” had decided to not be interviewed, she made a couple of suggestions. And one of them was Jeanne!

The magazine came out a few days ago and Jim quickly purchased two copies — one for Jeanne and one for us. And then yesterday Dasha sent me a link to the actual article.

So all you Russian-reading folks might enjoy the content of this article. For the rest, take a look at the lead picture: Jeanne and Kolya!

(By the way, what Jeanne “gave up” for love, per this article, was not only life in America, but life in a big city here…)



  1. hey! That’s really neat! Cool beans.

  2. Jewels: What fun to hear from you!! I keep up with your blog through google reader but I can never leave a comment…just to let you know that I’m reading it!! Keep posting!

  3. Translation! I need a translation! The picture is adorable.

  4. We DO need a translation…..Please!

  5. Jeanne Kotiash says:

    I’ll work on it and hope to post it on SUNDAY when I will be in Kyiv 🙂

  6. Lynne and kibbe: Jeanne wanted to translate it and get it to me to post even today…BUT, time really does get the best of us here. The simplest errands take so much longer than we think that we forget that we can’t get it all done in a day! She and Kolya were in Kyiv today because it was Communion Sunday at Church of the Holy Trinity…but, alas, they’re long gone back to their home sweet home.

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