Who would have guessed that when Jeanne and Kolya became engaged that they would be one of five couples interviewed for an article proclaiming “what a woman will do for love” in a leading women’s magazine (Edinstvennaya) here in Kyiv?

Daughter-in-law Dasha works at this magazine, and when she heard a writer lamenting the fact that one of her “featured couples” had decided to not be interviewed, she made a couple of suggestions. And one of them was Jeanne!

The magazine came out a few days ago and Jim quickly purchased two copies — one for Jeanne and one for us. And then yesterday Dasha sent me a link to the actual article.

So all you Russian-reading folks might enjoy the content of this article. For the rest, take a look at the lead picture: Jeanne and Kolya!

(By the way, what Jeanne “gave up” for love, per this article, was not only life in America, but life in a big city here…)



“Love that goes upward is worship; love that goes outward is affection; love that stoops is grace.”

Donald Barnhouse

How much grace have I shown recently? How about you?