Testing, testing…

I made a very brave move — for me, at least — today, and, at the encouragement from a WordPress blogger who strongly recommended turning off the Visual Editor feature on my site, I clicked that button (er, uh, or unclicked that button!).

This is my first blog post working without it — and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a bit nervous. I’m not adding quotes or images. Yet.

I personally know where I have placed paragraphs, bold type, etc. and when I click on Publish, I’ll see how I did.

Holding my breath.

EDIT: WOW! I just previewed it and all is well. So I may as well bite the bullet and try to link to another post. Kyiv has moved up on the list of cities, but I need you to vote EVERYDAY! So read my earlier post to get a clue about this subject, and then VOTE here(or from my earlier post.)



  1. I don’t understand anything about turning off the Visual Editor feature, so I will simply say… I’m glad it is working. I am in awe of anything which sounds ‘techy’ like this! Go you!!!!! 🙂


  2. Mari-Nanci: Well, that’s two of us that don’t know what I just did!! I hadn’t thought about the “techiness” of it all — it does sound a bit “techy,” doesn’t it? Trust me, though…no biggie. I will get braver as I continue to read up on this stuff… YOU are the one who is so daring — multiple changes in the look, the headers, it’s GREAT!

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