Australian Open and European Skating Championships

Can it be true? Federer lost in the semi-finals? I must say that I was getting used to him — actually growing fond of him and his humility. I certainly didn’t expect him to lose today.

But I was not so sad when I saw who had won! Do you remember my post during the U.S. Open? This is that same impressionist! Watch and laugh out loud.

In other Australian Open news, it seems that two Ukrainian sisters finally decided to listen to each other (rather than argue) while playing doubles, and, they won!

I think the women are playing the finals as I write.

And the European Ice-Skating Championships is also taking place. Haven’t been able to determine whether Ukraine has any contenders this year…


Testing, testing…

I made a very brave move — for me, at least — today, and, at the encouragement from a WordPress blogger who strongly recommended turning off the Visual Editor feature on my site, I clicked that button (er, uh, or unclicked that button!).

This is my first blog post working without it — and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a bit nervous. I’m not adding quotes or images. Yet.

I personally know where I have placed paragraphs, bold type, etc. and when I click on Publish, I’ll see how I did.

Holding my breath.

EDIT: WOW! I just previewed it and all is well. So I may as well bite the bullet and try to link to another post. Kyiv has moved up on the list of cities, but I need you to vote EVERYDAY! So read my earlier post to get a clue about this subject, and then VOTE here(or from my earlier post.)