Monopoly … the world edition …

Parker Brothers is coming out with a new monopoly board game. And the people of the world get to vote for which cities will be on the actual board.

Kyiv is one of the cities in the running…but it is not currently a top 20 vote-getter. I encourage all y’all to click this link and vote for Kyiv (spelled as Kiev on the voting list, and then as Kyiv on the card…go figure!). While there you can vote for 9 more of your favorite worldwide cities, if you wish. (Yes, Cara, Prague is listed as well. And, Janet, note Boston.)

And you can vote everyday. Voting continues through February 29.




  1. I’m passing this on to my dear daughter-in-law. This is a favorite game of hers. Is Smallsbury on there:-)

  2. riverrat: We need every vote we can get – Kyiv is currently Number 40 and only the top 20 will be on the board. Didn’t see our dear Smallsbury BUT it would be an interesting write-in!

    When you click on the cities, don’t forget to press the VOTE button.

    And thanks for passing it on!

  3. I think I did it! ,-)


  4. Mari-Nanci: Thanks for voting! Vote every day!!

  5. Keep voting for Kyiv it’s 15th! And Lviv had made it to the top 20 wildcard cities, so vote for Lviv too.

  6. Yarema: Where are you? Yeah, I just noticed that Lviv was there…how do you vote for the wildcard cities? I thought we had to wait until the 29th for those…

  7. You and Jane are so funny about this! 🙂 I am stoked (ie. happy, excited, etc.) to get the Ukrainian version (official Monopoly board game, though) with Maidan Nezilezhnisti, Kreshatik, etc. that I saw in the mall recently. I think that’s really cool. Just catching up on your blog! Great stuff, as always, Marianna! 🙂


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