Monopoly … the world edition …

Parker Brothers is coming out with a new monopoly board game. And the people of the world get to vote for which cities will be on the actual board.

Kyiv is one of the cities in the running…but it is not currently a top 20 vote-getter. I encourage all y’all to click this link and vote for Kyiv (spelled as Kiev on the voting list, and then as Kyiv on the card…go figure!). While there you can vote for 9 more of your favorite worldwide cities, if you wish. (Yes, Cara, Prague is listed as well. And, Janet, note Boston.)

And you can vote everyday. Voting continues through February 29.



Motherly advice

I read recently a passage that John Wesley’s mother wrote to him in college:

“Would you judge of the lawfulness of a pleasure, take this rule: whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes away the relish of spiritual things; whatever increases the authority of your body over your mind that thing is sin.”

Great advice for us all…and once we recognize what that sin is: Flee from it! Confess it! Ask for forgiveness!

And then move on.