Wedding perspective

I still haven’t posted all about the day (and the days leading up to and immediately following) that Jeanne and Kolya were married.  So much has already taken place in our crazy lives here since then (has it really only been a week?!), but I did notice that Jim has posted his thoughts here.

I do love that he sees the big picture while I am busy looking at minute details…


Big Orange update

Some of you are aware that there is a link on my sidebar called The Big Orange — so named for the Orange Revolution that took place in Kyiv two years ago. A missionary friend manages to keep abreast of the news from the former Soviet republics and summarizes the latest events in posts — one country at a time.

For those of you who are looking for specific ways to pray for these new young countries, The Big Orange will provide current policies and events.

We receive the newsletter before it actually gets published online — this next post discusses the first 30 days of Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko. I am posting the entire newsletter below (because it’s not yet on-site), but I strongly encourage you to click the link and see what’s happening in this ever-changing part of the world.



EDIT:  Okay, then.  That didn’t work.  I can’t figure out how to remove these remaining black lines and white space…though I did remove the text.  For whatever reason, it didn’t show all the words on the right edge, so sentences didn’t make sense!  I do still highly recommend that you click on the link on the sidebar regularly, particularly looking for this latest article on Yulia.  You will all understand Ukraine just a bit better after reading it!