This is the Day

We are up and at ’em early here. Today is the day that Jeanne weds Kolya!

Though the wedding is not until mid-afternoon, we are being picked up by hired van at 9 a.m. We need to load the champagne, wedding attire for the bridal party, soft drinks, iron, photographer (a friend from the States) and her assistant (her daughter), balloons and deliver it all to the wedding/reception site.

We’re meeting friends there who are helping us determine exactly how to set up the chairs for the ceremony itself, and then will be decorating the reception room — primarily with ribbons. I’ll get pictures to show exactly what’s happening. In Ukraine, as you enter most of the villages in the west, there is an Orthodox cross that has brightly-colored ribbon streamers attached to it. We are trying to recreate the feel of the village by using ribbons woven as a partial canopy over the head table. Should be beautiful — at least that’s the plan. We passed on the ribbons to Georgia (friend and creative genius) earlier this month so that she could have time to play around with them and create somewhat of a model for the rest of us to be able to help.

After we’re dropped off, the van will take Jeanne to pick up a cake. The driver, along with Cara (friend and emcee for the evening, volunteer “go-fer” for the day!) will pick up additional helpers as well as the translator. The final trip for the van will be to one of the metro stations to pick up guests that have signed up for this convenience. Not having wheels of our own, we were thankful to learn of this rental company that allows us to rent a van for the day — the driver is totally at our disposal.

We’ve rented rooms in the adjoining hotel for the decorators to use as dressing rooms. The bridal party will also use these rooms. One for the guys to “wait” in. And one for the bridesmaids to wait out of sight with Jeanne.

Beginning at 9:30 p.m. we have hired a car to make runs to the metro stop. Assuming that not everyone will be leaving at the same time, a van didn’t seem necessary. The driver will go back and forth as often as is needed. His final trip will be to take Georgia and Cheryl back to their flat. After a long day of decorating, we didn’t think 2 beautiful single women needed to worry about how to get home!

Very exciting. Hard to believe that the day is here.

Pictures SOON!