Summer in the City

Anna and Stepasha threw a surprise “girls” party for Jeanne on Sunday.  While they met with Jeanne over tea to plan the party for Thursday (at least that’s what Jeanne thought!), Dasha, Toma, Lena and Tanya were here at the house converting one room into a summer paradise.

When Jeanne arrived on the scene, the girls were lounging on beach towels soaking up the rays from the paper sun.


Jeanne was totally surprised!  She truly thought that everyone would be gathering on Thursday night, and so she had no reason to suspect anything.  Hooray!

The girls had planned a few tasks for Jeanne and for the guests.  First of all, Jeanne was given a large daisy that had a different number on each petal.  Jeanne had to figure out what the significance of each number was — all related to Kolya in some way.  So the numbers were 51, 1-1/2, 17 and others.  His house address, the number of hours from Kyiv to Rzhishchiv, his birth date.  Very clever.


The girls were then divided into two groups.  One group drew Kolya, while the other group drew Jeanne.  The catch?  They were blindfolded.


I totally believe that with the proper signature, these pictures would bring in a pretty bundle!