Jamie and Dasha

What a great evening we all had on Friday.

Jamie and Dasha invited all of the Peipons (plus Kolya) to their home in the suburbs…we lovingly call it the willage, though it is not at all like the true willages around Ukraine.

This marked our first time back to their home since we helped them move in last summer.  (Recall that move here and see the picture here.)

We enjoyed dinner prepared by Dasha (with a helping hand from Anna) and just luxuriated in the moment of the whole family being together.

And ONLY the family.

Now THAT’s a rare event these days.  With Anna living in Nepal, she usually comes around for special events (TRANSLATION: Weddings), but special events are not exactly conducive for family-only gatherings.

As we sat around the table with our coffee mugs, Dasha grabbed my camera to get a few shots of their place.  The main room is a combination living/dining/kitchen/study.  Very cozy.


(Kitchen in the background.)

Their latest purchase was the corner couch that pulls out into a bed.  One of our Christmas gifts to them was a soft throw blanket that will help make this a great location for snuggling while watching a movie on the computer.


(Living room in the background.)

We stayed until every last drop of coffee was consumed.  Not just because we loved the fellowship, but also because it was 16 degrees below zero!  We had a 5-minute walk ahead of us and, though Jamie and Dasha both said that we were leaving too early, we wanted to be sure that we didn’t miss the last bus into Kyiv…we ended up standing at the bus stop for 10-15 minutes shivering with every freezing breeze.

Thanks for the hospitality, Jamie and Dasha!

(My guess is that our next visit to their home will not be until Spring.)