Huckabee Victory Medley

Matt and Jared join forces again:

As described on youtube and also the lyrics:

This was a fun video to put together as it contains not one, but TWO songs. It is to the tune of Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and Oasis’ “Wonderwall” because of their bittersweet tone and the fact that they’re in the exact same key and have the exact same chords in the verses. 😛 As per usual, the lyrics are mine.It’s a celebration of Huck’s victory in Iowa and yet a reminder that it’s long from over.Lyrics:

They all made fun of me
When I said I’d vote for Huckabee
Don’t know where it leads
But on this road I know I’m not alone

They said the “college vote”
Was spoken for and that I’m on my own
So it’s up to me
And J-money to show we’re not alone

We’re not alone, we’re not alone
We’re not alone, we’re not a…

In Iowa the winds of change are blowing
And Huckabee’s support is slowly growing
He proved that he is still a real contender
And that we’re not alone

He won by nine percent
And showed it’s not about how much is spent
So we the people chose
To stand beside him and we’re not alone

He’ll continue to fight
But not because he hates the left or right
He loves the ones behind
And behind him we’ll stand; we’re not alone


Today is gonna be the day
That they’re gonna start slinging mud
By now I’m sure you’ve somehow
Realized he’ll survive the flood
I don’t believe that anybody
Will do a better job than he will now

Backbeat, the word is on the street
That he’s got the competition scared
They were sure they’d heard it all before
But they found themselves unprepared
I don’t believe that anybody
Fears the way they do about him now

And he’s got forty-nine states still before him
But he’s got our support to reassure him
There are many things that he said that he will do
When he’s president

He’s gonna be the one to change things
And as for me
I’m voting Huckabee