New header and a new friend

Well, wordpress removed the falling snow from my Christmas blog, so I decided that it must be time to change the look again.

Pictured are some of my favorite guys — twin boys on the right (rather new acquaintances to me) and the little guy on the left (we’ve known him since he was only a few months old).

They’re sporting hats made by a women’s group from a church in South Carolina.  The weather here these days definitely requires warm hats.

I braved the cold this afternoon to escort Jeanne and Anna to the seamstress’ flat — Anna for a first fitting, and Jeanne for a look at how to bustle her dress during the reception.  And, baby, it was sooo cold outside.

Thank goodness for cell phones — I gave Jim a call and asked him to bring a scarf and my mittens where we were to meet for dinner.  We waited in the cold for friends from Delaware and their friend who was driving us to dinner.

What a great night!  Jim and Karen are here to adopt a special-needs boy.  Six years old.  Missing most of both arms.  Jim is a pastor in upstate Delaware and his church is bringing a team of primarily medical folks over here to help educate and encourage the physicians taking care of these children, especially at the orphanage where little Roma is currently living.   They very much want MY Jim to be part of this organizing process — a natural fit because he is an American-trained pediatrician now living in Ukraine and working with medical professionals here.  He is already familiar with the town where the conference will be held.

Our host for dinner is part of the Bethany Services organization here, and Taras has been instrumental in putting this couple together with this special little boy for adoption.  He is also part of the organizing team for the mini-conference in March.  (He has been to the States, and, in fact, to Crossroads Church, where Jim is the pastor.)

To further prove how small the world is, or how God brings all things around in His perfect timing, Taras’s wife is very involved in an organization called People Living With AIDS.  I am looking forward to meeting with her and discussing the plight of my dear AIDS orphans.

Taras also expressed interest in attending our next meeting of the Coalition for Children at Risk.

All in all, it was a very productive day…