Up, up, and away!

Anna is officially en route.  She won’t arrive until tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, we will have about 16ish folks in this evening…Jim’s official office party.  This year we are including children in the festivities.  It will be interesting to see their responses when we do the “stealing” of presents…

Tomorrow morning we’ll set up the crockpot with all the fixin’s  for chili — Anna’s request — and then we’ll head to church for the Christmas service.  I know, I know.  What’s up with Christmas being celebrated on the 30th?  Basically splitting the difference between the 25th and Orthodox Christmas on January 7.  Following the service, the Sunday school classes will be presenting a skit. As will the young adults.  Lots of music.  Jamie has arranged a medley of Christmas music — both American and Ukrainian — for the praise band to perform.  I am hoping to video that and will post it, if all goes well!

From church, I’ll ride with our sweet friend Toma to pick Anna up at the airport.  Hopefully we’ll be home by 4 or so.  Jamie and Dasha are planning to be here to welcome Anna back to Ukraine. Also Jeanne and Kolya.   And as long as Anna can stay awake, we plan to watch a Christmas movie and exchange gifts with her.

Thanks for the prayers as she continues to travel…