Final preparations

Are we excited about Anna’s arrival? You betcha! Today is her last day in Nepal — she flies out early Saturday morning…6 a.m. our time…that would be 11 p.m. on Friday night for those of you on the east coast. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for safety, ease, few hassles at the multiple borders. UNEVENTFUL is my most frequent prayer  request for travel!

For her last day in Nepal (at least until next year…) she expects to be in the office yet again, answering any last minute questions, and taking her replacement out to lunch. What a gal!

The whole team gathers for dinner, followed by prayer and worship together. Then Anna heads back to her place to watch football (soccer), finish packing (I am quite sure that she has very little packing to do — she is well organized and I’m sure her bag is open just waiting for those last minute items.)

We are counting down her arrival — and then only 2 weeks until the wedding.

(Anna, FYI, your first fitting is on the 3rd…no major responsibilities for you until after the New Year’s holiday. Generous of us, eh?!)