Wedding dress alternatives

I just happened to see this headline and clicked the link:  Bride to tie knot in toilet paper dress.  Toilet paper, glue, and tape.

It caught my attention because of an event that took place here just a couple of weeks ago.  Cheryl hosted a bridal shower for Jeanne in the town where she will soon be living.  She probably had close to 20 people there — some of us from Kyiv, but mostly young ladies welcoming her to their town.

At one point, Cheryl divided us into teams and we were challenged to create a wedding dress totally out of toilet paper.  No tape.  No clips of any kind.  No glue.  Because the wedding date is the 12th of January, the teams had 12 minutes to get the job done.

Jeanne then chose a dress to be a back-up to her gown…just in case.


6 Days — Laughter

I can’t remember the whole story behind this “dreaded tree scrubber” except for the fact that it made me laugh…at a time when the family was so sad to lose my dad.

I can’t even remember who initially found these and stuck them in each of our stockings that Christmas morning.  I just know that we found joy in such a silly gift, and my sisters and I laughed for days as we waved the dreaded tree…signifying that there were dishes to be done!

What fun it was for ME yesterday to open a package from my sisters.  And in it…yes…a dreaded tree scrubber.  It’s sitting in our kitchen here in Ukraine, making me smile as I remember Christmases together with the extended family…and the laughter that was so much a part of our gatherings.

Our first Christmas without Dad would find each of us shedding quiet tears now and then, and even THAT became a source of laughter.  Mom would rush to the side of whichever one of us had a tear running down a cheek.  But oftentimes the tears were really tears of joy as we remembered something funny about Dad.  So we got to the point where we would clap our hands together to signify HAPPY tears so that Mom wouldn’t drop everything to console us.  Crazy, I know, but that’s my family.

Laughter: contagious, cheek-cramping, gut-holding, breath-stopping, rolling-on-the-floor laughter.

Makes me smile even now.