8 Days — The Bells of St. Mary’s

Another classic black-and-white film that we watch year after year.  Bing Crosby.  Ingrid Bergman.

“The buildings have run down from the lack of repair.  The playground was sold to a large corporation.  Now the entire school may be condemned to make way for a parking lot.  St. Mary’s is in need of a miracle…and they get one in the form of Bing Crosby, the new pastor.  Easy-going and good-natured, Crosby has his own ideas about raising children and running a school.  He is immediately set at odds with Ingrid Bergman, the no-nonsense Mother Superior who has been running St. Mary’s with an iron hand.  Crosby wages a good-natured battle of wits with Bergman as they try to make some heavenly order out of the existing chaos and save St. Mary’s before it closes its doors forever!”

Gotta love the song: “Aren’t you glad you’re you?”