15 Days — Celebrate Me Home

Kenny Loggins is one of my all-time favorite performers. I can’t even count the number of his concerts that I attended…loved them all, especially when he shared the stage with his good friend Jimmy Messina.

This song always evokes memories of great times with my family and friends…this particular cut is from a live concert, so it is an extended version…



  1. K Loggins is one of my favorites. I saw him in concert when I was in college — that must have been 4 or 5 years ago!

  2. Thanks for sharing…this certainly brought back some memories.
    The whole time I was watching I couldn’t help but think that if Kenny had shaved his beard he could have had a second career as a Breck girl…his hair looked amazingly soft!

  3. Doug: We may have been at the same concert! Same time frame…say, 4 or 5 years.

    Kibbe: You know, I remember the long hair, but, I must admit, I don’t remember it being so…uh…fluffy! The big curl surprised me…seemed to me that his hair was straighter.

    Hooray for Kenny Loggins fans!

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