15 Days — Celebrate Me Home

Kenny Loggins is one of my all-time favorite performers. I can’t even count the number of his concerts that I attended…loved them all, especially when he shared the stage with his good friend Jimmy Messina.

This song always evokes memories of great times with my family and friends…this particular cut is from a live concert, so it is an extended version…


Glendale, again

Are there other small villages like this around the country?  I just received this notice:

Family Pizza Night is this Friday  Dec. 14 6:30 pm at Harry Whiting Brown Community Center Scout House (every second Friday of the month).  This month features a special bonus, a showing of the movie “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”  $5 per adult for pizza and drinks, kids are free.

Also Story Time is this Saturday  Dec. 15 10 AM in the Library, featuring Santa Claus.


The invitations are out!  Hooray!


We ordered these postcards from the States, and then had them printed here in Ukraine.  Once we received the printed cards, Jeanne and Cheryl glued one English and one Ukrainian card back-to-back.  Once dry,  Cheryl punched holes in the corner so that I could  tie the white bow.

If the invitation went to an English speaker, the white bow was tied on the English side.  If the invitation went to a Ukrainian, the white bow was tied on the Ukrainian side.

Jeanne and Kolya were responsible for addressing all the envelopes.

Team project, for sure!