16 Days — Make your Christmas white

I ran across this site and immediately created a snowflake. And then thought that all y’all might enjoy making YOUR Christmas white as well.

(Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands!)

Just for the record, there is absolutely NO snow on the ground in Kyiv at this point. Though we’ve had some fabulous snowfalls, we’re lookin’ a bit grey and dreary. No sun. No snow.

Praying for a white Christmas! And for snow while Anna is visiting. And for a fresh dusting of snow with a light flurry (after guests arrive) on Jeanne’s big day in January.

Hmmm, think I’ll watch a Christmas movie…



  1. I’d just like enough snow to make a snowball and throw it at someone! Although, it would be great to go for a walk with the snow crunching under my feet. Ah, the wonders and joys of snow!

  2. Anna: As long as you don’t throw it at ME! Sometime during your two weeks there should be SOME snow…I’d love to walk with you!

  3. It’s a date.

  4. Anna: Yeppers.

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