22 Days — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We have had such fun having a young family stay with us. I first met Wendy about a month ago at a Kyiv Christian Women’s Fellowship meeting in our home. She was in Ukraine with her husband and three children attempting to get visas to enter Russia. (Her husband is Russian.)

They found a place to stay for the month, but she called me on Saturday to see if I might know of anywhere they could stay for Sunday and Monday nights. They had finally received their visas, but they could not get 5 tickets on a train out of Kyiv to Siberia (?!) until Tuesday morning. They needed to vacate where they were. We invited them to stay with us for this time, and we have been totally blessed by the family. I love having little ones scurrying around, little boots lined up at the door, little jackets hanging on our coat rack. And these little guys are so sweet…amazingly good-natured considering that they have had no real routine for a month!

Sunday night they thanked God for “this place,” and Wendy & Yura were so thankful to have a comfortable night’s sleep. It was definitely worth bringing the mattresses from the States. (Did I mention that Wendy is pregnant?)

Wendy also commented that it was such fun to walk into a flat that was actually decorated for Christmas. A creche scene on the piano. Wreathes on several doors. Snowmen wherever I can find to place them. Penguins keeping watch over the kitchen. She said that it really began to put her in the Christmas spirit. Of course, it made ME think of Perry Como: