23 Days — Christmas specials

Christmas specials.

Do they still make them? I remember…back in the day…when shows were only on one of three channels — and each show was only shown ONCE during the Christmas season. I remember checking each week’s TV guide — in the newspaper or in the magazine — and looking for White Christmas. White Christmas HAD to be watched, or it simply wasn’t Christmas. I’d look for all the Christmas specials and highlight them. Then, and only then, could my evenings be scheduled!

Rudolph. Frosty. Andy Williams. Perry Como. Miracle on 34th Street. The Christmas Carol. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Charlie Brown.

Of course, NOW, we’re totally spoiled. Every show runs multiple times on any of a bazillion channels (in the States, that is!) If you miss it on one night, no problem…you’ll catch it on another.

None of these shows are shown on Ukrainian TV — at least not that we’ve found. But we have the joy of having many of them on DVD. Soooo, we have already watched White Christmas, and look forward to Christmas in Connecticut, The Bishop’s Wife (the original), Miracle on 34th Street, Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation (remember THAT one on the Cape, Girlfriends?!), Bells of St. Mary’s, not to mention some very funny moments on our Christmas home videos!

Thankful for technology this holiday season.