24 days — Linus

I had rather made my mind up to try to post something about Christmas each day of December. Now, don’t hold me to it. And then I began to think that it was crazy to commit to a post a day in the hectic month of December….when what to my wondering eyes should appear? This youtube clip on Charlie Wingard’s blog. How could I NOT post this…one of my most favorite recitations! Thanks, Linus.



  1. Very Cute!

  2. Ann: How this stays on the air I’ll never know! Honest, truthful, straight from Scripture. Not usually put out there, unless there is a snide comment to make afterwards…

  3. Kazakhnomad says:

    THANKS so much for this!!! I have felt very frustrated by the secularization of Christmas here in Kazakhstan. I am coordinating with other Americans for an English Club party at a secular university where Ken teaches and not a WORD about using Christmas carols concerning the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I will have singing in our own flat with those Kazakh students who want to come and find out about those Christmas carols, Jingle bells just doesn’t do it for me.

    I guess I am too new to interject anything and had wanted to give out candy canes to each student. However, those are NOT to be found in any stores here because of the original “Candymaker’s Witness” intending to bring out the gospel story.

    So, this is very heart warming to know that Charles Schulz’ cartoon gets under the radar of those who are politically correct.

  4. Kazakhomad: Go Charles Schulz! Maybe you can show this little clip!

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