Today marks 75 years since the beginning of the forced famine of 1932-33.

President Yushchenko is working hard to have countries recognize this horrific time in Ukrainian history as not simply a disaster, but genocide.  To learn more about “death by hunger,” click this link. 

In addition to special church services today, President Yushchenko has asked us all to light a candle and place it in a window this evening in memory of those who suffered and died.

As I lit a candle in our kitchen window, I was encouraged to see others on this street have done the same.  I pray for the survivors who witnessed such evil — pain is still in the eyes of the elderly here.  I pray for God’s comfort and healing touch on this land and its people.

Lord, I am stopped cold by the horror — and thank you that you have turned my heart of stone into one of flesh.  I realize that my own heart is deceitful and that without you…well, who knows what I may have done…or might yet do!

Give us boldness to share your love and your truth with hurting people here.  Grant us opportunities to teach about repentance and forgiveness.  May we be your hands and feet.

May we never forget…



  1. Kazakhnomad says:

    Agreed, may we never forget. Now I’m finding out that Kazakhstan also suffered almost as much as Ukraine during the collectivization period. Seemed the countries that had the most to offer in terms of resources and human capital suffered the most. Thanks for posting this blog today!!!

  2. I like your post, but I just wanted to comment on your blog skin……WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks great! 🙂

  3. Wayne Burgess says:

    Excellent words today. In my time with the Ukrainian people in rural villages I have heard the stories and I have seen the faces telling the stories. The eyes tell all…

  4. Kazakhnomad: Thought about you and your research as I was writing this.

    Michelle: Gotta love a one-click change of skin! Glad you like it…kind words from the Queen herself go a looonnnng way!

    Wayne: You’re absolutely right. I cannot even imagine the horror that they’ve witnessed…


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  2. […] would perish over a decade later when the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin enforced an unprecedented, massive famine throughout Ukraine killing […]

  3. […] would perish over a decade later when the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin enforced an unprecedented, massive famine throughout Ukraine killing […]

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