A little attention, and a lot of smiles

As usual, on Friday afternoon I went to visit my AIDS orphans at the hospital. It’s been awhile since Jim has been free to go, so this week was a lot of fun for me AND for the children.

Jeff and Donna Crane (our colleagues at Ukraine Medical Outreach) presented us with some hand-knit hats that were made especially for the orphans in Ukraine. With snow continuing to fall, it seemed an appropriate time to pass them on.

Maxim and twin brothers Oleg and Kolya model the hats for the camera — once they realized that they could actually see themselves on the back of the digital camera they were more than ready to ham it up. As soon as I they saw the flash, they began to ask “De? De?” “Where? Where?” And I’d show them the photo as they giggled and found themselves.

Oleg has a VERY ticklish tummy, as I discovered. He would throw his head back and expose that 5-year-old mouth with gaps galore where he has lost his teeth.

Jim entertained Maxim with the lion hat, but Maxim preferred to hide it behind his back. Here he is trying to determine whether it’s safe to take it from Jim or not.

We left after the boys had their lunch of soup and mashed potatoes. And a hunk of bread. Kolya started out eating by using the over-sized soup spoon, but he found it much more efficient to just drink from the bowl. He didn’t even spill a drop!

As soon as they had finished eating and had a spot of tea, the boys settled into their beds for a late-afternoon nap. We made our exit as they put their heads down.



  1. Kazakhnomad says:

    Maxim is still there? The little guy whose mother would come in sometimes and feed him or is this another Maxim? Cuties, all of them!

  2. How precious these little babies are.

  3. Will there be time to go while I’m in the country? I know my schedule will be packed tight, but I would love it if I could go see those little guys again.

  4. Annie and I just watched the video of the boys “driving”. When we scrolled down to see the boys in their hats, it hit me like a tone of bricks that these little guys aren’t going home tonight to their parents hugs and a warm bed under the family roof. Tears……..

  5. Kazakhnomad: One and the same Maxim was there when you were. BUT he is not the one whose mother came fom time to time. You can’t forget this little one’s deep brown eyes and lonnng lashes!

    Ann: Aren’t they though? I totally agree.

    Anna: As long as they don’t have a quarantine while you’re here — usually a bit later in January! I would love to take you with me.

    Kibbe: Tears are the norm here whenever you stop long enough to think past the fun of being with them at the time. Oh, we pray for families for these children…

  6. Oh sigh yes. I so hope they find a permanent family.


  7. Mari-Nanci: Rest assured that I will keep everyone up-to-date on any news of permanent families…


  1. […] and Kolya in the back of the room — you might remember them from last week’s posts: here and here. They were actually crying because we could not play with them. Hard to […]

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