Pride and Humility

I ran across a great post describing the differences between pride, humility, the appearance of humility.  I actually wanted to simply link to the blog, but the specific post didn’t seem to have a working link.

So here is the post, cut and pasted.  I would encourage you to click this link to read more from this Canadian blogger.

Pride and Humility, briefly…

This morning in my devotional time with my two eldest we were talking about the difference between pride and humility. My seven year old was having some trouble so I gave this example: I said, if there were only enough food in the house at supper time for one good sized meal, I could come home and eat it all, but the only way I could do that would be if I cared more about myself than everyone else in the house. Pride, I said, shows itself first by this principle: you think your needs are more important than everyone else’s needs. I said if I were a humble man, I would not consider my own needs, but would regard the needs of others as more important.

I then explained how we can really miss the boat spiritually speaking if we have only that much information. We may well know that a humble man thinks of others before himself, so that when a situation presents itself we choose to take the “humble” path and go without, but simply doing that is by no means humble, and in fact, it can be just as much a matter of pride as taking all the food. What makes the act humble is the motive behind the act.

The humble man says, I know that God will provide for me even if I have nothing and the rest are fed. My hope is not in myself but in God to provide, and I see this as an opportunity to bring God glory in that He has provided a situation where I can trust him, whether he feeds me or not is not the goal of the trust – but rather to trust that my times are entirely in the Lord’s hands and that whether he feeds me or lets me starve, his plan for me is perfect, and I trust in that plan.

A proud man might well give up his portion because that is the right thing to do, and he feels that doing the right thing will give him the biggest benefit, be it personal respect or be it divine benevolence, whatever the case, the proud man is always looking to do what is best for self, which is the difference between himself and the humble man who is not concerned with his own self because he trusts that the way in which God is going to looks after his needs is sufficient, and even preferable to looking after his own needs by himself and for himself.

I struggled with it a little because I wanted to make sure the children understood that humility and pride are not measured by the external action, but rather by whether or not one is trusting in God or in self.

Issues of the heart.  I suggest you take some time now to consider whether you are acting out of pride or humility in the everyday events of your life.  Ask God to reveal to you your TRUE motivations.


It’s a humbling exercise.




  1. Good stuff, ties a lot into what I’m reading in “Idol’s of the Heart”. Actions are really only the tip of the iceberg, I need to know what is motivating my muscles to actually go through with it and it’s always down to one question, am I going to honor God in this or will I look out for myself instead? Not even actions, but thought-life too. Praise God for His patience and willingness to help me see where I’m putting myself and other ‘things’ before Him and that He doesn’t shove it all in my face at once but deals with each thing (and there are many!) in His timing.

  2. Anna: Is it wrong to say that I’m PROUD to claim you as a daughter? “Idols of the Heart” is a great book — one that definitely will send you to your knees. Looking forward to discussing all that you’re learning when we finally see you face-to-face.

  3. Depends, are you saying that selfishly or not? 😉

  4. Anna: Somehow I knew you’d have a comeback comment…

  5. I didn’t get to read that book as a Peipon… but look forward to reading it as a Kotiash!!! I’m glad that we are going to do it as a study… it’ll be good to be accountable to ‘someone’ other then myself… cause otherwise, I’d just read through it… heh… Now, back to the light reading of Thomas Boston, Human nauture in it’s four-fold state… I’ve been meaning to re-read parts of that!!! Thank goodness for pencils 🙂

  6. Jeanne: I’m glad you’ll be doing it as a group study as well…

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