Moscow Times article

Friends forwarded us this link a couple of days ago.  Click here to see a Moscow Times article re Putin’s plan to prevent an Orange Revolution-style event in Russia.  Very interesting.



  1. Very interesting indeed. Though I don’t believe that something similar to our Orange revolution is possible in Russia. At least not for the next 20 years or so… They are too deep under Putin and Duma’s oppression. And the worst part is – people are content, they don’t want any changes. At least for now. Sad.

  2. Doesn’t look like they CAN protest even if they wanted to without the threat of violence. We need to pray for Russia and these elections.

  3. Seems like everywhere in the world there is trouble with elections… at least in South Asia, Russia, Ukraine? amongst many others I’m sure!

  4. Dasha, Michelle, Anna: Amen on the need for prayer! Whichever elections are taking place.

  5. This is OT but… I just saw a news blurb on Yahoo…

    “A methane blast ripped through a coal mine in eastern Ukraine early Sunday, killing at least 33 miners and leaving about 70 others trapped, emergency officials said.”

    I am so sorry for this sadness. And especially, that it happens at this time of year.


  6. Mari-Nanci: We get these mine reports more often than you can imagine! It is so very sad… Lives are turned upside-down in a matter of minutes. Whether mining accidents, car accidents, disease — no guarantees for tomorrow.


  1. […] posted here about the organization of youth forces to guarantee victory for Putin’s party.  (He himself […]

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