Tonight was the first meeting of the Kyiv Christian Women’s Fellowship (KCWF) for the 2007-2008 year.  And our speaker was none other than Alice.  We have invited Alice to speak to the women for about a year now.  Why?  Because she is simply one of the most godly gracious women on the planet.  And she was one of the original members of the KCWF.

She first asked several of us to share why KCWF is important to us.  For some ladies, it’s a break in the action — a safe place to unwind.  For some, it’s a way of getting to know other like-minded women who may be sharing the same struggles, fears, successes — and we can encourage, comfort, pray for each other.  One woman shared that she had been involved in an all-Europe meeting this summer with representatives from all the countries in which her missions agency has missionaries.  Much to her surprise, NONE of the women had ANYTHING like our KCWF.  She realized how blessed we are to have a group of women representing a myriad of ministries, varied denominations — all desiring to come together to praise and worship our King.  Networking is a vital part of ministry!
And then Alice shared about some struggles in her own life, but with the accent NOT on the struggle but instead on what God is teaching her.  With a sweet smile, she talked about her God and how she needs to walk with Him in His place and at His pace.  She needs to see the world from His perspective.

She shared BIG dreams and goals.  And how she has prayed for BELIEF that these things can come to pass.  But, even if they don’t, she still trusts her God.  He knows what’s best.

We concluded by singing four hymns — Alice just happened to have brought copies of the music for each of us.  It was an amazing evening with our Lord.  He definitely met with us here.

Sweet prayer before we all went our separate ways.  What a privilege!

Looking forward to the first Monday in October.


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