Bible memory

I just ran across a site that helps with that challenge of consistent Bible verse memory:  Click here and you will be on your way.  You get to choose which version of the Bible you want to learn, and you can even choose your own verses.  (I’m opting to go with the basics…)

Check it out!  Let me know if you sign up…we can challenge each other along the way.



  1. Okay, since noone else commented on this blog, I will. I looked at the site and we all agree that Bible memorization is very important. Kind of like dieting but in a reverse order sort of way. I prefer memorizing in KJV just because it is more poetic. The problem with this program is that it seems too busy and I am on the computer WAAYYY too much as it is so that I should just memorize on my own. This would certainly keep you accountable to your computer and filling in the blanks.

    I dunno, are you using this method? I’d like to get your thoughts on this.

    BTW, I think I may have gotten my friend John Sharpe started on since he is leaving for China for a month and wants to keep all of us Sinophiles informed of his travels by e-mail. I suggested a blog format instead, he is game!!! It has been over 20 years since he has been back and he has kept in touch with many of his students. Incredible!!!

  2. Kristina: You get the option to memorize in whatever version you’d like.

    The program is not actually too busy — basically, once a day, you get an email with a quick link to your verse of the week. There are words missing, that you simply type in…hitting tab to get to the next blank. So far, no prob. Once you type in the missing word(s), you hit submit (I think), and you can see where you might have messed up, or you get a congratulations (or some sort of a well done notice). You have the option of going to another page with updated news about the particular ministry, but it is not at all pushed.

    Sooo, all in all, it takes less than 30 seconds. And if you’re already on the computer, it comes to you so you don’t need to remember to go to it! It’s free. You can always opt out. But, hey, I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve only been involved for 2 days.

    Oh, there is an area you can go to for review of your learned verses — but I’m still on the first verse, so I don’t how long that might take…

    Let us know John’s site. When does he leave? Maybe we can cross paths with him in Salisbury!

  3. Oooh! This is sooo good! I struggle with memory verses and it drives me mad. I’ve started teaching some to my 4 yr old in a effort to learn more myself. I signed up for this one. It sounds simplistic, but if it helps to form good habits, then why not?

    Thanks for posting the link! 🙂

  4. Jodi: I think I always learned more when I was teaching our children…I agree that if this plan helps to form good habits, how can we go wrong? You can always give it up if you don’t like it. Sooo, it looks like I’m only a couple days ahead of you — let’s check in with each other to see how we’re doing!!

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